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"We like to think of Liquid Monk as a funky, space jazz group serenading the extraterrestrials in the depths of the universe. Their arrangements are smooth and entertaining which almost feels like an improvised jam between friends. Each instrument has its own personality and flair, coming together to create a miraculous expression of cyber-funk. We couldn’t find more talent in a group of dudes if we tried."



liquid monk - yaga - Review

"There is no denying there is funk inside these musicians, and they can lay it down hard in many ways, straight from the D. Open your mind and ears today, step aside from the grind and get into Liquid Monk’s headspace."



Listen to liquid monk live from the old miami on 10/17/2015

"Liquid Monk doesn’t waste any time bringing you into their abstract world of genre-bending, minor sounding free flowing continuously altering instrumentation in the opening to their Yaga EP. This Saturday night at The Old Miami was no different. Busting right into the mix, their groove is infectious due to the songs seamlessly weaving in and out of various genres while maintaining a linear theme".



We Caught up with Liquid Monk to Chat about their New EP, Yaga

"It’s like Chic meets Umphrey’s meets early Daft Punk on steroids -- you can quote that."
"You know how the saying goes? “he’s a boxer’s boxer, or a rapper’s rapper,” Liquid Monk are musician’s musicians, but much like TAUK have proven to break that code, Yaga is pure evidence that Liquid Monk is not far behind."



Detroit jamtronica act Liquid Monk blasts through its Yaga EP

"Detroit's Liquid Monk utilizes the clash of jam-rock and electronic elements, which together make for a thrilling listening experience even on the fiftieth time around."
"The band’s tantric, appealing style may seem confusing at first. The confusion may stem from how insanely talented these guys are at finding abstract grooves, and how well they combine different approaches to create one brilliant track after another."



"It takes a lot of people to make a sound this colossal. And this brand new act has at least seven dudes laying down their precisely proggy, spacy and seriously funky funk. Just imagine Adrian Belew and the Beastie Boys hanging together at Terrapin Station."

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